We understand that every entrepreneur and start-up business is different and are equally in different positions financially. As a result we have made it so that there are a number of different ways both seed and growth stage businesses can obtain the services and equity they require as highlighted below.

Please note: if you are a student, educational body or member of one of or partners you are entitled to a 15% reduction on all rates and services.



Pretty self explanatory, this where we provide you with a service and upon successful completion we invoice you the arranged fee.



We can facilitate a part payment and part equity arrangement to all new and existing businesses across our service offerings. This is of course dependent on the viability of the proposed business and upon an assessment of your business plan and financials.



Sweat equity is a term used to describe a non-financial investment contributed to the development of a project or start-up business typically in the shape of services. Sweat equity is an appropriate model for all types of businesses to receive the services they require and especially so for those where cash is less freely available.

Sweat equity is rewarded the same as cash equity through the distribution of stock where the value will reflect both the services value and value added.



All our 1:1 and group consultancy fees are fixed, and below is a table of our most popular time allocations for this service. Please note, if you are associated with


1 Hour Session
1:1 sessions to cover all aspects of your business from concept analysis, development, strategy, design, routes to market and investment.
2 hour 1:1
2 hour sessions give both yourself and our consultant extra time to hone in on specific areas of your business, providing solutions or alternatives to certain issues or challenges.
Half Day
This is usually when an initial 1:1 has taken place and a plan of action has been set. This session will be targeted at achieving a pre-set work load and is ideal for the business concept or pre-launch phase.
Group Sessions & Workshops
Group Sessions & Workshops consist of 3 or more people and are usually pre-structured and topic specific to the group's requirements. Please contact us with your requirements and for further information.


During the sessions we will analyse your business model, develop revenue streams, give advice on fundraising, stress-test your route-to-market strategy, discuss financials, advise on marketing, and eventually provide you with a thorough assessment of your business idea including a road-map for taking next steps.