Providing services and support to UK Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs

Branding & Website Design

Having a strong online presence and marketing function is of vital importance across today's business landscape. We have a team of expert branding, web development and marketing experts to create the perfect gateway to your business

Business Planning, Strategy & Development

We are experts in devising and planning successful business strategies across a wide array of industries. With over 200 experts and advisers on our books we can make a real impact on your business and maximise its chances of success across all areas

Advertising & Marketing

Whether it’s Social Media, SEO, Print, Audio or Visual, Start-Ups Work have a committed network of experienced, world class experts to assist in the creation, deployment and management of any campaign course you choose to partake in - from start to finish or on a project management basis

Business Mentoring & Workshops

We are extremely passionate about guiding and helping to develop aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages to succeed in business. We offer 1:1 and group mentoring sessions as well as fully customisable business workshops

Angel Investment

We offer direct investment to UK start-ups as well as introductions to our established angel network. We also offer help and advice in the strategic structuring and delivery of presentations for those looking to secure crowd funding capital

Business Support

Support and guidance in business is essential, especially in the early stages. Whether it be on a consultancy basis or just to act as a sounding board - Start-Ups Work will be with you ever step of the way. We will assist and ensure the process is as least complicated and most rewarding as possible

Are you a start-up or thinking of launching one?

Whether you are considering your first move into the UK start-up market or are currently trading, we can help you conquer that all important next phase!

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